Meet Angeligue Gomez

Hispanic Relations Coordinator

As a first-generation college graduate in 2019, I earned my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Services. Over the past four years, I have been dedicated to working with non-profit organizations, focusing on helping those in need. My journey began by assisting youth in emergency shelters and families facing crises or homelessness. I later expanded my scope to support adults affected by COVID-19, providing rental and utility assistance to ensure stable housing during challenging times.

Currently, I am a Youth Coach, supporting students verified under the McKinney Vento Act, striving to remove barriers that hinder their path to a successful future. Beyond my professional role, I also volunteer as a victim advocate, offering my time to help others in need.

Growing up, my father's words, "Hay que luchar por esta vida y juntos podemos seguir adelante" ("We have to fight for this life, and together we can succeed"), have stayed with me and continue to motivate me to serve my community. My goal is to bring hope, let people know they are not alone, and work together to build a brighter future. Together, we can pave the way to a better tomorrow.


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