Law Enforcement Hero's Retirement Act

Summary of Bill:

The Law Enforcement Hero's Retirement Act is proposed legislation designed to honor the dedicated service of Federal law enforcement officers. It offers retiring officers the choice to purchase their duty weapon upon retirement, fostering their connection to the tools of their trade while maintaining safety precautions. Key provisions include setting the purchase price at the original cost, a careful transfer process involving background checks, safety training, and restrictions on weapon use, all in recognition of the strong emotional bond officers have with their duty weapons. The Act aims to preserve this connection while upholding safety and legal standards, with federal agencies responsible for guideline development and implementation. Ultimately, it seeks to pay tribute to officers' commitment by allowing them to retain a symbol of their service.

Proposed Legislation: Law Enforcement Hero's Retirement Act

Section 1: Purpose and Scope

  1. Purpose: To honor the service and dedication of Federal law enforcement officials, this legislation seeks to allow retiring officers the option to purchase their duty weapon upon retirement, while upholding safety measures and preserving their connection to the tools that served them throughout their careers.
  2. Applicability: This legislation applies to all Federal law enforcement officers who retire on good standing from their respective agencies.

Section 2: Duty Weapon Purchase Option

  1. Upon retirement, a Federal law enforcement officer may exercise the option to purchase their duty weapon, which has been an essential tool throughout their career.
  2. Original Cost: The purchase price of the duty weapon will be set at the original cost to the department at the time of issuance.

Section 3: Transfer Process

  1. Payment: Upon expressing the intent to purchase their duty weapon, the retiring officer shall make a payment equivalent to the original cost of the weapon to their respective law enforcement agency.
  2. Registered Federal Firearms License (FFL): Upon receiving the payment, the law enforcement agency shall transfer the duty weapon to a registered Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, who will oversee the completion of the sale.
  3. FFL Process: The FFL holder shall ensure that all applicable federal and state laws are followed during the transfer process, including background checks and necessary documentation.
  4. Ownership Transfer: Upon the completion of the sale and successful background check, the duty weapon will be legally transferred to the retiring officer's ownership.

Section 4: Safety Measures

  1. Background Check: The background check process conducted by the FFL holder shall adhere to all federal and state regulations to ensure the eligibility of the retiring officer to possess the weapon.
  2. Training: Prior to the transfer of ownership, the retiring officer shall complete a refresher training on firearm safety and usage.
  3. Restriction: The weapon purchased under this act shall be for personal use and shall not be transferred, sold, or lent to any other individual.

Section 5: Emotional Connection

  1. Recognizing Bond: This legislation acknowledges the emotional connection that law enforcement officers often have with their duty weapons, which have played a significant role in their professional lives.
  2. Preservation: By allowing officers to purchase their duty weapons upon retirement, this legislation preserves a tangible connection to their service and dedication.

Section 6: Implementation and Enforcement

  1. Federal law enforcement agencies shall develop guidelines for the implementation of this act, including the payment process, transfer protocol, and training requirements.
  2. The goal of the Law Enforcement Hero's Retirement Act is to honor the commitment of officers and provide them with the opportunity to retain a symbol of their service while upholding safety measures and legal requirements.

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