Elimination of Legislative Pensions Act

Proposed Bill: Elimination of Legislative Pensions Act

Purpose: This bill aims to eliminate legislative pensions for members of the legislative branch in order to promote self-imposed term limits and discourage the development of career politicians, while also saving taxpayer money.

Section 1: Legislative Pensions Elimination

1.1. Effective Date: Upon the passage of this bill, all legislative pensions for members of the House of Representatives and the Senate shall be immediately terminated.

1.2. Retirement Benefits Repeal: Any existing legislative retirement benefits shall be discontinued, and no further contributions or benefits shall be provided.

Section 2: Self-Imposed Incentive for Member Turnover

2.1. Encouraging Fresh Representation: By eliminating pensions for length of service, this act shall create a self-imposed incentive for members to limit their terms, allowing for new representation and ideas to be regularly introduced.

2.2. Statesmen over Career Politicians: The elimination of pensions will encourage individuals to seek public office with a genuine commitment to serving their constituents as statesmen rather than pursuing long-term careers as politicians.

Section 3: Historical Context

3.1. Legislative Branch Pension History: Legislative pensions were introduced during World War II in 1942 but were later repealed due to public outcry. They were reinstated in 1946 and have remained in place since then.

3.2. Repeal Procedure: As legislative pensions are governed by Public Law, their elimination can be achieved through a similar legislative process as established in March 1942.

Section 4: Talking Points

4.1. Addressing Public Discontent: Eliminating legislative pensions will address public dissatisfaction with Congress and demonstrate a commitment to real reform.

4.2. Responsible Use of Taxpayer Money: Congressional pensions currently cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year, which can be redirected to more pressing needs.

4.3. Contract with America: This bill proposes a campaign pledge for newly elected representatives to sponsor a bill for the elimination of legislative pensions after being sworn into office.

4.4. Bipartisan Support: Encourage both Democratic and Republican candidates to join this initiative to demonstrate their commitment to ending legislative pensions and promoting term limits.

4.5. Strengthening Campaign Positions: Those who do not support the proposal may find themselves in a weaker campaign position due to public demand for change.

In conclusion, the Elimination of Legislative Pensions Act seeks to address the issue of term limits and encourage a shift towards public service rather than career politics. By enacting this legislation, we can foster a more dynamic and responsive legislative branch that truly represents the interests of the American people.


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