Fight to Reduce National Debt,
now over 31 Trillion and rising

Addressing and eliminating the U.S. government debt is an immense challenge that could span decades. As we explore solutions, it's essential to consider unorthodox and potentially controversial approaches alongside conventional ones like raising taxes or cutting spending, which may have adverse effects.

When elected, I will focus on implementing the following changes to tackle the debt:

  • Comprehensive Tax Code Reform: The U.S. tax code requires a thorough overhaul. I will work towards closing tax loopholes that have allowed some to evade their fair share of taxes, contributing to the debt burden.
  • Easing Business Regulations: Reducing excessive regulations on businesses can foster a more robust and efficient economy, potentially saving up to $1 trillion annually and aiding in debt reduction.
  • Stimulating Economic Growth: Prioritizing policies that encourage faster economic growth can generate increased revenue and bolster the economy's capacity to manage debt, ultimately improving debt projections.
  • Streamlining Government Operations: The pandemic has demonstrated the feasibility of remote work, leading to operational efficiency and cost savings. We must reevaluate the need for physical office spaces, consolidate resources, and reduce expenses related to government size, while ensuring optimal functioning.

Combining these approaches with conventional measures will pave the way towards a more fiscally responsible government, laying the groundwork for a sustainable economic future and reducing our national debt over time.

On November 5, 2024, vote for Chris Hyser for Congress

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