Fight for our Children

School Choice:

School Choice is a vital approach that empowers parents to make educational decisions for their children, ensuring they have access to the best educational opportunities available. By allowing parents to use their educational tax dollars for their preferred educational options, School Choice breaks the cycle of being confined to underperforming public schools based on where families live.

When elected I will advocate for School Choice, enabling taxpayers to allocate their tax dollars to different educational options. This can include School Vouchers, Educational Savings Accounts, Charter and Magnet Schools, Tax-Credit Scholarships, and Tax Credits and Deductions. These options offer parents the freedom to choose the school, be it private, religious, charter, homeschool, or public, that they believe best meets their children's educational needs, regardless of their economic standing.

To ensure a strong educational foundation, I will prioritize core subjects such as Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and the Arts, without introducing subliminal messaging around race, gender, or diversity. We must focus on providing quality education and proficiency in essential subjects to prepare our students for success.

Parental Rights:

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges to education, and it's crucial to safeguard parental rights in shaping their children's learning environment. Parents' input through PTA's will hold a more significant role in making decisions about what is taught in schools, with teachers providing valuable input. Ultimately, parents will have the decision-making power on what their children learn, while school boards focus on logistics and infrastructure.

We must prioritize foundational learning, eliminating any partisan programs that aim to manipulate or indoctrinate students. Gender and identity politics will have no place in K-12 curriculums, allowing us to concentrate on the core subjects necessary for our students to thrive.

The Family Rights for Religious Freedom (FRRF) movement, which fights for transparency and parental rights in education, exemplifies the grassroots effort to ensure parents have a say in their children's education. I am actively involved in this movement and will continue advocating for parents' rights to be informed and to "Opt-Out" if educational materials are deemed inappropriate.

By promoting School Choice and safeguarding parental rights, we can transform our educational system to empower families and provide a well-rounded education that prepares students to become innovative and successful contributors to society.

On November 5, 2024, vote for Chris Hyser for Congress

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